Larry Satcowitz for state rep
Larry is a local leader committed to:

☑ Excellence in our schools
☑ Growth in our local economy
☑ Affordable, high-quality healthcare

A Randolph Selectboard member and long-time resident, Larry will bring to the Legislature experience, knowledge and an ability to think clearly about complicated issues.

"Larry Satcowitz will be a strong voice in Montpelier, dedicated to protecting the middle class. I am proud to support his campaign." Bernie Sanders

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Issues Larry cares about.


A strong education system is critical to the health of our community. Larry has worked in public and private schools; at the middle school, high school and college levels; with students from diverse backgrounds. His children attend the local public school and he's a member of the RUHS Parent-Community group. For the past three years he has taught math as a volunteer at the local elementary school. He knows how schools work and how learning happens. He has the depth of knowledge to be both a strong advocate and also a supportive critic who can help our schools grow and adapt to our changing world.


The students who graduate from our schools provide the ultimate basis of our local economy; a complex web of businesses, private non-profits, educational institutions, and municipal government. While these organizations need the capable, creative and knowledgeable young people that graduate from our schools, those same young folks need stable, well-paying, engaging jobs so that they are able to stay and contribute to our community. As a member of the Randolph Selectboard and a resident of central Vermont for almost 20 years Larry has gained much insight into the concerns of these organizations and is committed to their continued growth and well-being.


Our current healthcare system is an inefficient, costly drain on our economy, and with costs going up much faster than inflation we’re devoting an ever-increasing proportion of our incomes to it. In addition, for most working people, health insurance is tightly tied to employment. People often work more or less than they’d prefer and it can be difficult to switch jobs as a result. Employers face ongoing challenges while trying to figure out how to pay for and manage this benefit. No one would design a system to be like this from scratch. It needs to change.